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Specializing in Mexican cuisine.


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Top Reviewer
Restaurant Centro Americano goes above and beyond in their service, the food is well made and most importantly very delicious, ordering from this restuarant led me to visit the Restaurant with family and the service at the restaurant is great as well, we ordered Tacos Arabes witch they serve at their sister restaurant and not yet in the menu at Centro americano but our server and the owner made it happen, huge thanks for the accommodation.

When ordering via the internet we always order Mexican Shrimp Coctel, I can vouch for its authentic preparation. And its among the best I have tried in NYC/NJ we also order tacos of a variety of meats, pastor,carnitas,suadero,chorizo they are all yummy.

If you find yourself hungry dont hesitate to order from here or stop by the restaurant you won't be disappointed.


Top Reviewer
I reallyyyyy liked the pupusas from here! They were large, flavorful, and authentic. I didn't really enjoy the bistec encebollado very much but I think that is because I am accustomed the Puertorican version. These flavors were good but they are totally different and just not what I was expecting. It came with a side of warm tortillas too which was also unexpected but appreciated! The serving of tostones was very generous. I'd definitely order from here again.

The delivery was pretty quick. Certainly the fastest delivery I've had on grubhub.


1 review
This place is the best hands down. The family that owns this restaurant and El Centenario show pride and passion in their Mexican Culture and treat every customer as if they are a guest in their home.
The food is delicious and authentic. My husband is from Costa Rica and we frequent this restaurant in person and have never been disappointed!
They speak English and Spanish so don't get discouraged!


Top Reviewer
OMG! the food was so good! It really took me back to my country. I love this place, from now on I will buy from here whenever I can, I enjoyed the food a lot, and the people was very nice too. La comida estuvo muy buena! Me traslado a mi pais. Me encanta este lugar, desde ahora en adelante voy a comprar aqui cada vez que pueda. Me gusto la comida mucho! y las personas muy amables.


Top Reviewer
Wow, they went above and beyond. I mentioned in the delivery instructions that I wanted then to say happy birthday when they made the delivery to my bf, instead of doing just that, they bought a birthday balloon for him with his food!! It also helps that the food was delicious. Especially the steak and sausage dish

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El Centro Americano Reviews on Seamless


1 review
The order only took 20 minutes. Everything was still hot. Portions are big. Food was delicious.


Top Reviewer
This place is just reliable and usually on-time. The quality is consistently quite high.


Top Reviewer
It was veerryyy delicious!!!! Looking forward to ordering again.


Top Reviewer
The portions are so big and the food is great, thank you so much.


Top Reviewer
The food is always good and fresh, really yummy!

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